We wear it: Tribal print leggings

Staff Writer Sian Hogan tries tribal print leggings on for size, courtesy of New Look.

Last winter, I completely fell out of love with leggings. But fashion had other ideas for me. A sucker for all things tribal print, mixed with a secret longing for a return of early 90's Fresh Prince of Bel Air style, it is only natural that I've found myself drawn towards printed leggings.

Penzima print legging £12.99, New LookI have worn these lovely penzima print leggings from New Look with an oversized jumper from H&M, brown twist belt from Tatty's vintage boutique and wedge boots from New Look. The key to rocking this look is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. You want the leggings to do all the talking.

For a real style statement, wear with a long black vest dress, throw on a vintage letterman jacket or boyfriend cardi over the top and biker boots to finish.

A bargain at only £12.99, I suggest you snap them up asap! click on the image to buy.


Sian I LOVE these leggings! x

Sabine-O says:

I love tribal prints but have never had the nerve to actually wear any, not sure they'd suit me so much - but anything that has a French Prince / 90's love vibe is a massive thumbs up!  

Gina Dyer
Gina Dyer says:

Damn Africa, what happened?! No seriously, this look is HAWT! 

SophieYR says:

I love these leggings! I saw them last week but wasn't sure how to wear them. Thanks for the advice Sian! x